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For the full article on USA Volleyball's return to play guidelines, click on the link below:


Bristol Boys and Girls Club summary of USA Volleyball's return to play:

In short: no masks required by players on the court, everyone else must wear a mask

2 courts will be utilized.

One spectator per player will be allowed, social distancing required.

15 Minutes between matches to allow for cleaning.

Players must wait outside until their starting time, and exit the field house immediately at the conclusion of their session.


5. RETURN TO PLAY GUIDELINES FOR CLUBS AND CLUB FACILITIES- Adhere to the most stringent federal, state or local guidelines when participating in any activity. 

  1. Before Activities 

Disinfect the venue and all equipment, including volleyballs, where the club activities will take place.


During Activities 

  • Disinfect volleyballs between all matches. 
  • Require officials to post all scores electronically to eliminate unnecessary 

face to face contact. 

  • Limit officiating teams to one R1 per match who shall keep the visual score 

on the stand. 

  • Require officials to use a hand whistles in lieu of traditional ones. 
  • Emphasize court time management by officials to reduce the instance of 

courts getting behind schedule and contributing to crowds waiting by the 


  • Stagger match start times to space out participant’s entry. 
  • Require all attendees to wear face masks except for athletes on the court 


  • Establish volleyball specific social distancing match protocols including the elimination of handshakes, high fives, and huddles. Also, the modified coin toss, warm-up and substitution procedures should be used. 
  • Suspend the protocol of teams switching sides in indoor play. In the event there is a clear and distinct disadvantage then teams will switch sides, observing all social distancing protocols. 
  • Eliminate player benches and create player/coach boxes with tape. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary equipment (chairs, tables, libero/line ups, etc.) 
  • Space the courts a minimum of 25 feet apart and refrain from using adjacent 

courts at the same time when possible.