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Winterfest and Spikefest have been postponed until May/June

AAU Grand Prix has been postponed

This will most likely result in the early season teams to be cancelled and there will only be the regular (long) season teams.  This is ever changing due to the COVID regulations.  Those that have registered for the early/select teams will be accepted in the HP tryout.


In the 2019 club season the BBGC Crush volleyball program piloted a short season for a select/HP team at the 16U age. The purpose of this team was to allow players a choice of a short season, which concluded after NERVA I, which was the first weekend in March.  Traditional teams both regional and HP compete in 5 NERVA tournaments with conclude the first weekend in May.  HP teams also participate in 3, two to three day weekend tournaments.

For the 2020-2021 season a 16U and 17U and or 18U team will be offered for the Early season teams.

This team allowed for players to participate in HP volleyball, then their high schools spring sports seasons without conflict.  

These teams are dependent on having enough registrations and there will be a tryout.

Players need to have skills to reflect a HP player.


The following tournaments were arranged in 2020 and it is expected that the 2021 schedule will be similar.

January  Down east volleyball club invitational, one day tournament

January  Winterfest Hartford  3 days

Feb.  AAU 2 day tournament - Providence RI  $16 AAU membership reuqired, not included in tuition

Feb. Mizuno Boston - 3 day tournament

Puma Valentines Friendship tournament - one day

March  NERVA I