Bristol Crush Volleyball Club Bristol Boys and Girls Club

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Regional teams practice on Sunday afternoon at the Bristol Boys and Girls Club, and also have one practice session during the week either at the BBGC or Northeast Middle School.  Times depend on the age group and the coaches availabity.

Practice sessions are 2 hours long.


Regional Teams tournaments

NERVA I March 1, 2020

NERVA II March 22, 2020

NERVA III April 5, 2020

NERVA IV April 19, 2020

NERVA V May 3, 2020


Regional tournaments are 1 day tournaments.  Travel can be as little as hosting and playing at the BBGC or Chippens Hill MS, staying in CT. or having to travel up to 2 1/2 - 3 hours to Mass, RI, or New Hampshire.