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High Performance/Select Program

This year, Bristol CRUSH Volleyball Club will be running a High Performance/Select program, targeted toward girls who are looking to play at a higher level than the regional tournaments.  We will be forming/selecting for teams in the 18u, 16u and 15u age groups.  The practice requirements will be the same as regional programs (twice per week - one weeknight and on Sunday), but will start earlier than the regional programs (the week after Thanksgiving), in order to prepare for the early, national-level tournaments.  These teams will be participating in the following tournaments:

NERVA Juniors Tournaments
Tournament Month
NERVA I March 3, 2019
NERVA II March 17, 2019
NERVA III March 31, 2019
NERVA IV April 7, 2019
NERVA V May 5, 2019


In addition to the NERVA tournaments, the HP/Select teams will participate in the following tournaments:

HP Tournaments
Tournament Location Website


Hartford, CT

2019 – Winterfest is 2 weekends

Winterfest #1 – January 12-13, 2019
Girl’s: 18 Club, 16 Club, 15’s, 14’s, 12’s
Boy’s: 18’s, 17’s, 16’s, 15’s

Winterfest #2 – January 19-21, 2019
Girl’s: 18 Open, 18 USA, 17 Open, 17 Club, 17 USA, 16 Open, 16 USA

Tournament Information is available at

Boston Mizuno Volleyball Festival Boston, MA

Tournament Dates: 
February 22 to February 24, 2019 

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Halls A, B and C and Ballroom (Courts #1-97)
This is the only tournament in the country running Junior girls, Junior Boys and 15 courts of Adults under 1 roof

For all tournament information visit:

Rhode Island Rumble Providence, RI

Club Level – April 12-14, 2019
Open level – April 26 – 28, 2019
Rhode Island Convention Center

For more information go to:




HP/Select teams are intended for the serious athlete, and require a higher level of committment than the regional teams.  HP/Select players are expected to be at most practices and all tournaments, and to plan family vacations around the tournaments.

Attendance at most practices is REQUIRED

Attendance at ALL tournaments is REQUIRED.  

Please contact our club director, Gail Ericson, with any questions: