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Boys Volleyball

At this time, Bristol CRUSH Volleyball does not run any boys volleyball club programs, although that may be a possibility in the future.  However, we do run a summer league for girls volleyball, and, as of the summer of 2017, have added boys teams to our summer league!

Summer Programs

Each summer, to help teams keep in shape and prepare for the upcoming Fall season, we run a summer boys volleyball league, open to any boys volleyball teams who want to participate.  Signups are as a team (as opposed to individual, like our club programs) and registration opens in the spring.  Games are scheduled on Monday and Tuesday nights and the schedule depends on the number of teams that register, for girls, the schedule has traditionally been one night as Varsity-level play and the other night as Junior Varsity/Freshmen-level play.  Since 2017 was the first summer that we added a boys division in our summer league, there were only a few teams, and we kept all of the games on Tuesday nights.  If team registrations increase, that schedule may change in future summers.  The league runs from the end of June until the end of August.